Portable Player

flexible solution for visuals


Portable HD Motion Art Player

Features an HD connection to various displays as you travel. Also avialable for fixed installation and durability.

Fully Loaded

Visuals and Graphics morph and transition non-stop – guaranteed – or we’ll replace the unit. You will always capture the attention of your patrons since we continually update your visuals via the Internet. The possibilities are endless, our agreements with artists and content aggregators allow us to provide the largest and most diverse selection of cutting-edge motion graphics and video art. Any promotional materials you have will be integrated as well.

Ultimate Flexibility

Promote special events and happy hours with our animated graphics. It has never been easier to please corporate clients with their own logos and slogans surrounding them while they enjoy. Simply give us a call and we’ll bring your marketing ideas to life in as little as minutes.

Customize It

Installation options include projectors painting the sidewalk out front or a waterfall behind the bar, flat screens mounted on the cieling, in the floor and anywhere else you can imagine. Our network of installation experts allow us to facilitate projects from simple to elaborate and guarantee the work. Brighten your storefront glass with a projection coating and send visuals and marketing into the street. Chat with us to discuss your options – most installations are included in the purchase price.

Technical Description

Engineered in-house, our design incorporates a powerful computer with video outputs for any screen you might have or wish us to install. Tucked away into the storage room or cieling tiles, our industrial strength design and backup systems ensure a lengthy life of operation. The computer is programmed to either automatically download clips from our libraries or display a pre-set library of clips and interactive features. There is no regular maintenance although we do recommend powering the unit down when not in use.. In the near future we will introduce visuals that follow the musical surroundings, respond to the crowd or even react to buttons placed throughout a venue. Our system ensures the greatest flexibility and can be customized at a later time to your ideas.