DVD Visuals

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Looping DVD Visuals

Use the screens you already have to display compelling visual conent and promotions.

Cost Effective

Visuals and Graphics delivered regularly to your venue. Pay as you go or subscribe for additional savings. See our customers’ past successes. The possibilities are endless, our agreements with artists and content aggregators allow us to provide the largest and most diverse selection of cutting-edge motion graphics and video art. A typical DVD is anywhere from 5 to 45 minutes in length.

Ultimate Flexibility

Promote special events and happy hours with our animated graphics. It has never been easier to please corporate clients and leverage sponsor relationships. DVD provides great flexibility since contiguous purchases can repurpose old content or fine tuned to your ideas.

Customize It

Talk with us to obtain a free evaluation of your current video installation and discuss creative uses for video in your venue. Brighten your storefront glass with a screen facing towards the street. Project onto the surface of a table, the ceiling, behind the bar.

Technical Description

Engineered in-house, our DVDs are authored and tested by video professionals. Multiple copies are provided to enable multi-room playback. The content is prepared with either 4:3 or 16:9 screens in mind. In fact, we encode the video progressively to maintain the highest possible quality for flat screen displays. Ask about  Blu-Ray authoring as well.