Video and graphics tailored to your DJ style or the nightclub. See our customers’ past successes.

The possibilities are endless, our agreements with artists and content aggregators allow us to provide the largest and most diverse selection of cutting-edge motion graphics and video art. Our DVDs loop every 5 to 45 minutes. Hardware solutions also available.

Our Successes

  • FUR NIGHTCLUB: Periodically provided promotional and visual DVDs for 2 years Ibiza DC

    • ULTRABAR DC: Regularly tailored content for VIP & main floor screenUltrabar DC

  • IBIZA DC: MPEG Files and DVDs regularly rovided for two DL2 intelligent projectors Ibiza DC

  • TIESTO IN CONCERT: Provided DC related visuals for daytime program Tiesto in DC

  • LIMA RESTAURANT: Fashioned cross-promotional and visual DVDLima Restaurant

Our History

Video and DJing are our primary interests, so you might imagine we were very pleased to establish Davelocity in 2004. We have been providing video services for nightlife venues and artists for some time now, and it was through these efforts we found an interest in VJing and motion graphics. Rather than simply provide Live VJing services to our clients, we decided to take a step further by creating a demand for new media services. With our LCD All-In-One product we sought to bring intelligent visuals to establishements with little or no knowledge of motion art and the benefit of digital signage. With a heavily technical background we were able to quickly bring the product to market. We understand the nightlife industry doesn’t have the time to concern themselves with the integration, installation and support of our products- that is why we package our technical services into the sale price. Our engineers can be dispatched to repair and replace screens when problems arise.

Our Mission

To provide the most flexible means for entertainment and dining venues to display new media. To provide artists the most interactive and direct means for delivering motion graphics and video art. Our business will equally benefit our clients and motion artists.